I Want It Out…of my Nose!: Sneaky Things That May Clog Your Pores

You already know, thanks to books and magazines referring to puberty for me, what zits are made of and the basic habits that can cause them, e.g. touching your face. (Ew!) But….breathe and relax practicing some exercises. (Hands on lap, through one nostril…yesterday’s psych class). Okay, now here’s the bad news: there are even MORE triggers than i have mentioned in my past posts. But at least you know better now so read on and try to understand them. Remember, understanding is a virtue hahahaha


Dirty hair.     Especially if you have long hair (which i never plan to cut, only trim) the sweat can go to your face, creating craters for your dirt. If you have any zits on the sides, then it may be time to wash your hair more. That means shampooing night and day, not only during day. But these days i do both for it makes me feel cleaner.


Sunglasses or any kind of glasses.     Who knows, bacteria colonies unite on the thick see through surfaces. Use a tissue or anti bacterial wipe to clean them daily.


Dead skin.         Reap rewards by exfoliating your skin at least once a week. Every weekend or on occasion, try a cleanser like what i use: papulex.


Image result for papulex


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