Best Friends, Best Friends Til The Very End: All Things Girls with Guy Besties Understand

Hooray! After our school schedules conflicting me and Oliver are going to hang out this Friday night. 🙂 We have a Christmas celebration at my university thus he’s going to be my date. haha! As always. I’m so glad to see my best friend again sdjlhdfhdfhdh

It can be pretty embarrassing sometimes, as hard as it is to admit. From being asked if you’re dating (when my friends found out they started to tease me ”Kat has a date!”) or limits from my parents (they’re so involved that they even make ruless like ”No walking alone in the school garden”) it’s pretty sweet. Here are some reasons why.


He is TOO honest, if he were a stranger then painfully.      One time we watched Big Hero 6, the time when i started to experiment with healthy living. ”Have i lost any weight?” i asked him then he said, ”Not yet” which made my mom (chaperone then!) laugh. I asked her why then she said, ”He’s so honest, that’s why.” hahahaha. But trust me, he eats soooo much that my dad pays more than 2,000 for his meal enough to cover one month of school in Miriam!


You’re asked if you’ve had a boyfriend.      Throughout the years i have wanted people to think i was pretty and smart, right now because of him they assume i am in a relationship. So i guess it means the same thing? hahaha. I never really thought i was pretty back in elem or high school days–but only because i didn’t give a single thought about my appearance. Except when i asked, ”What will joe jonas think of this new look?”


I hang out with dudes for the whole exterior fits me.     But then it’s quite embarrassing when my girl friends question me about it. For years i’ve been asked that. Now i found a perfect name doing some research for this article. ”Woman-hater” Ugh sounds extreme. haha




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