Be A Friend And You’ll Be Glad! :): Things Girls Should Do For Their Fellow Gender

We need to stick together, whether times are tough or what. After all, guys can’t always read our minds so it’s good we have a semi-psychologist with us. Which is why most women here in our country are: aside from their gentle spirit, they give really good advice and are more sensitive thus making them emotionally responsible.

But unfortunately, it’s not always the case with our gender: which is why the term Mean Girls was invented. These girls only care about what works best for THEM, act sweet ONLY when wanting something. A true one will always have the back of other people. Some examples are:

Always give her a pad when she’s in need. In high school, i was always the one providing it unlike college where my schedule is really busy thus it’s the other way around sometimes. I don’t remember all their names but i love them so much, aside from Ela who is now in Bulacan. And by the way, she’s my friend from church. Can’t forget another BOY one who did this though hahah (Miss you, sister!) This is to avoid embarrassment and other people laughing at her.

Hold her hair back (or better yet fix it!). I think I’d go with the latter. When i was younger i loved pigtails and hairclips that sometimes my friends would go crazy pretending i was a barbie and fixing my hair in different styles. thankfully none of them looked funny. I always loved doing the same so much (girly little girl here!) that sometimes they would voluntarily ask me to fix theirs. Ah, those fun days.

Never spoil a film she hasn’t seen. Barbie i can’t forget yesterday’s instead, the one where you showed your meanness in a funny way by insisting to spoil the movie. hate you. (jokes) Anyway, NEVER do this. I’m guilty and have a reputation for this being a film buff but for now, i’ll try to shut my mouth. i promise, sisters. Writing this, i wonder what’s going to happen in A Second Chance tomorrow?


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