This Kiss Is Something I Can’t Resist: Ways To Make Your Lips Kissable

Lips, when dolled up, can change one’s whole look. For me, my face powder and lipstick are best friends and can’t live without the other. That’s how i attend a debut or any party i go to unless my mom plans to doll me up some more. (Yes, a girl really needs her mother.)

But sometimes the beautiful rosy color disappears because of factors like maximum exposure to sunlight, allergies (I suffered with severe ones for a whole yearrrr) and high caffeine intake. Guilty splurger here as i love venti Starbucks coffees and cakes. 😦 But don’t fret there is still hope! Here are some tips to get the shine back again.


Sugar, come on put it down on me (my lips, i may mean).   It’s one of the highly exfoliating agents for the skin. Blend two tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of butter to make an exfoliating scrub. Make sure to massage it at least once a week for soft pink lips.


Olive oil for the rescue!      This made me love today’s lunch even more: chicken and olive oil pasta with a little bit of sun dried tomatoes. The nutrients of both shine for softer lips and better health. Moisturizing molecules will sink into your lips and give you younger looks and feeling.


Strawberry/apple/grape balm? Hell yes!     That’s what most young people love these days. And I’m lucky to have them in different flavors. Feeling it peeling (rhyme! Word) is worth it for i know my lips will stay pretty and healthy.



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