Got A Secret Can You Keep It?: Things Always To Keep Quiet About

You don’t have to tell anyone. When i was a kid, my mom would ask me about the people picking on me ”Tell me. Promise i won’t get mad.” And i hated to tell her for i was always private from a young age on. But then she insisted and it was all right for she helped me.

But luckily, now that i’ve blossomed into adulthood, she’s learned to respect my boundaries for some secrets i keep aren’t supposed to be told. EVER. (The last one i did btw is when my male classmate asked me for money. i was 12.)


Don’t reveal your biggest dreams.  Until you’ve fulfilled them, hush it and let others be surprised themselves. You don’t know if they will ever believe you or what. Growing up, i’ve come to that sad reality thus it made me stronger in some ways.


Secrets of your lifestyle.  ”What’s your secret, Katkat? You always look so happy.” was told to me by my friend Mikah when i saw her in the hospital with her mother. She then told me my mom seems to love me quite a lot. ❤ Yes, that’s so true and it’s NOT seems. I wholeheartedly revealed it to her but if no one asks, don’t volunteer that information. People may think you’re trying to impress them.


Conflicts in family life.  UGH, i had to edit some posts because of this. But it made it all worth it for nothing is revealed and i stick to my word. 😉 The less you divulge secrets, the stronger your bond will be. (Sorry to say, but that’s another secret.) Let’s say your grandmother is reading your posts then she sees what you’re saying about her? Oh no you’re dead. She’ll probably tell your parents and it will give you a reputation as ”The Biggest Gossiper of the _____ Family.”


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