As You Walk Down The Halls…: Typical School Day Scenarios Anyone Relates To

Classes, classes, classes. What does that mean? Pressure, pressure, pressure. Yes. But one saying says you can respond well under pressure–meaning you’ve seen many things that you at least had one to two responses over ”Hey, what happened?” or ”That’s a nice blouse/shirt/skirt” whatever. I come from an all girl college so blouses and skirts are so in. XD

So read on! Who knows maybe you might find something you’ll miss and bring up during your class reunions, no matter how insignificant it is to you.


Complete and utter mass panic.    The usual feels when i get out of the IRC running to my next class. Obviously as a blogger the computer is my best friend and i don’t want to let go. (Clingy nerd here. haha!) One time, and i feel pretty guilty saying this to the clerk ”Can i deposit this (my key) ahead? I’m running late to my class.” then she replied, ”ALL OF THEM are running late to their classes.” Gunk! Yikes! Bullfrogs.


Having strange stuff found inside your skirt for it’s that long.     Before you think this is something perverted, it is not. What i’m talking about is usually the long hairs that fall on the ground from the most beautiful heads of the students–some brown, some black–tickle your legs then, me as an inquisitive person, can’t help and find out what exactly they are. And i don’t know how, but back in high school days, i got coins stuck there multiple times


Every single head being lowered when it’s time to pick someone to read.     Thank God for us, it’s usually a volunteer’s choice whether to get picked or what. Unless it’s graded recitation wherein you have absolutely NO CHOICE–no matter if you know the answer or not, that’s your grade. For me it’s all stock knowledge though so no prob.


Whether on phone or notebook. hahahahaha




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