”Hey, that’s a nice shirt!”: Compliments Guys Like To Hear

These days, i have written quite a lot of articles on how to impress boys. If you like to look at the world fully, then you can take my last article and use it for yourself like i do. 😉

Like women who are more sensitive and one little compliment can make their day, men feel the same way too although in different ways. If the opposite sex has given you their share of compliments then it may be time to give back to them too. 😀

Without further ado, here i present them.


Body and appearance compliments.  While it may not show and they are usually the ones picking on us for it, they actually can be insecure sometime. And it doesn’t matter what you compliment them on, whether it be their hands, hair, face, etc. if it is positive it is what it is. Try something like ”You look extra masculine today” or ”You look beautiful when you laugh”


Compliments which show your respect. I don’t know if they demand extra respect (no articles and no studies yet) but it’s nice to give once and for all. It’s important he knows he feels respected. Try something like ”I’m proud of you” or ”You’re a good man keep that up always”


Compliments that show your heart responds to affection. Let him know how smart he is and what he is doing works. Try someting like ”I trust you” or ”You have never steered me wrong in the past.”

couple love


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