Christmas Party Season!: How To Make Friends Easier

And i’m not just talking about Christmas parties here, sister. I’m talking about anything: whether it’s starting a new job, moving to a new org, etc. Like for me, i’ll be starting my internship at Magic 89.9 quite soon and luckily i made friends during my auditions but there are even more to make. And i’m the type who likes to strike up conversations with others so no biggie.

Also when you intern at the radio station, you go to lots and lots of parties. Can you imagine how luxurious the life of a friendly girl can be? Well, yay for when it’s Christmas i may possibly experience my first party with my new family. 🙂 But sometimes, i admit, especially where there are lots of famous people, i can clam up and my anti-socialness shows.

But here are some tips that can help you (and even me) adjust and enjoy being who you are. 😉 Remember, as Bruno Mars says, ”Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.”


Approach someone who looks approachable. Don’t be too tense and ”hide” on the sofa, or disappear into the beautifully designed walls, at least circle the place a bit. And if you look even just a bit approachable at the very least you are guaranteed to make friends.


When you FINALLY get the chance to talk, introduce yourself and remember their names. That makes your new friend feel more special and more likely to want to be around you. If you have a short-term memory like I do, try repeating it thrice at least in the conversation so you’ll be very well acquainted.


Ask questions. I love doing this. ❤ So much that, back in my elementary days, people would often end up getting annoyed or rolling their eyes. ”Katja, why do you ask so many questions?” in an irritated tone. haha! If you ask a moderate amount, make sure to switch from  time to time so you guys will keep it flowing. Who knows you just found your new best friend?

shake it off animated GIF


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