2016 Change Our Look!: Secrets for Being More Attractive

Attractive? What does the dictionary say it means? Well, believe it or not, it’s not all that. 😉 It’s more of how you present yourself and learn to talk to people, as we’ve been learning. And most of all it’s your inner beauty and shine.

So how to make the last word SHINE (no pun intended) more? Read on.


Not pushing your pretty looks into other people’s faces.  People usually make fun of those kinds of people. I know two: Kanye West. Beyonce actually mocked him one time because he keeps interrupting people’s speeches thinking he’s highly amazing. Sorry bro it doesn’t make you amazing. And on Masterchef Season 4, can you count how many times Natasha said ”I’m pretty?” She is but one basher fought back and said she looks like a burned bacon. As my mom was talking with me last night, when mentioning people say my crush is ugly, ”it’s not important if you’re handsome or white. What matters is inside.”


Weight does not matter but health does. I’m not that skinny but not that fat either. Even my best friend agrees as she told me, ”Kitty, okay na yung body mo.” (I love you for that, Ebone!) And what do you find attractive about someone who cannot even walk up their driveway? Boys, do you want to carry her all the way up?


Dress for the weather. This reminds me of my uncle who doesn’t wear T-shirts in the snow and my mom scolding him to put on his shirt for he looks crazy. Also when i wanted to wear hoodies for my summer acting workshop and my mom sighed. ”Kath, it’s summer time.” Then there was this one crazy idea where i wore a denim skirt over denim jeans then my dad kept insisting. ”Change your clothes! You look funny!” He won as he always does.


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 15.44.29


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