It’s Time To Say Goodbye My Love :( goodbye Hunger Games!

Do you remember the birth of something (not SOMEONE) special back in 2012? No idea? Well, okay, it was born in the cinema March. Okay fine, if you think i’m fooling, here’s the answer: Hunger Games. When i watched Mockingjay Part 2, it was my friend Liz’s first time and she acted totally psyched and excited especially with that zombie killing scene. (Agh!) It was her first, good for her, so no feelings of sadness. 😦 But for me and my fellow fans, we’re going down Memory Lane just to take a look at what we gained from watching this series.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. -Dr. Seuss. (Who remembers these series too?)


JenJosh are forever friends. Aside from in the movie, where Katniss is seen taking care of and ensuring Peeta, no matter how troubled he was (another quality of another great friend!), they’re also such great friends in real life. Wonder if we’ll see future chemistry someday? And the ending will turn out to be as great. (I WILL NOT SPOIL.)


Effie Trinket. If she were my aunt, my life would probably be more socialite than it is right now. And she’s also funny and doesn’t let life get her down, like my favorite Aunt Irene who, no matter the situation even when she went through some surgery, trusted in God and held on to His promise. ❤ Now could i have some jewels from Panem? Kidding aside.


”I volunteer as tribute!” Forever grateful for something we can say when we want to help the poor and weak.

Image result for effie trinket




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