Are You Ready? One For The Money…: Readiness for Love

You know you’re ready for love when people approve of you two and even imagine how it will be like and start imagining all sorts of scenarios. During a recent picture with a friend, he compared both of us to a famous love team and my heart leapt for joy. But i’m not saying i like him back ok? haha. But with the inside jokes coming, i’m going to be cool.


You know you’re ready when every song/movie you watch sounds like they’ve been written for him and you think when hearing, ”This is exactly us!” Also realizing perfection is just being yourself around the person you like–no matter how silly it is.


You know you’re ready when you first meet that person and hear music playing in the background and when it itself becomes brighter and a sudden burst of happiness comes upon you (sort of like my characters in this game Village Life) then all of a sudden you feel you can respond properly and your life changes in a whole new level.

Image result for you know you're in love when


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