This Is Gonna Be The Best Day Of My Life!: Signs

People have the craziest thoughts. What do people consist of? Girls, guys. Take the last word carefully. 🙂 No matter who you are, your true love will come. Just a reminder people.

But when you’re super friends with someone, which i was in high school with most of the boys to i was questioned by one of my girl batchmates, it was hard to determine. Reading many articles changed that though, even if it wasn’t complete, most of them were into me one way or another. What are some signs, you might ask? Well here i’ll give you some.


He looks at you–as in a lot. This guy in church, who is coming back in December (yay for the fun!), kept denying he liked me saying i was more like a sister and not his type. But one night during our fasting service i caught him looking at me–TWICE during percussion and worship time. And probably since it was Sat it was my extra lucky day. :))) haha. Also he knows exactly what i’m thinking so he talks about it with me, such as if i want to joke around and the shows i like.


He talks to you more often than usual. Okay let me just say he was my first real admirer. ❤ gaaaaashhh. One time, according to my mother, he was peeking into the room where she and Dad were having her meeting and ”probably looking for me.” (That day i was absent because of Saturday classes.) Also he’d approach me at the most random times just for one-liners. Guys, simple ones not pick up ones haha.


THE BEST PART: he admits he likes you! You’d probably be out of your mind to say stuff like ”Not true” or ”Seriously now?” but for me, usually i am for i don’t like assuming. That attitude is seriously proper and definitely NOT mindless. Despite all the teasing, he finally said to me: ”You look like a panda you’re cute…” PANDAS YAY! XX

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