Sssssh (random mutter of dkjfhf): What Girls Talk About When Boys Aren’t There

On the surface, we seem as proper as Maria Clara or, if we’re a bit naughty, maybe Kendall or Kylie Jenner. 3 things in common: prim, proper, and bubbly with no problems to affect us. Except for me wherein i unfortunately suffer from RBS but I’m a nice person don’t worry. 🙂

But they have zero ideas (and don’t you dare mention to them unless you’re close) on what you do in private…and by that i mean when it’s all girls time. Luckily i’m free for in my school we’re all girls and no one, not even the tomboys, is entirely different. From the latest gossip to whining about your hair and looks, we have you covered.

Check out the other secret topics that we talk about. Men, welcome to the world of women. Just a little joke before we start: I was so obsessed with Bieber & Cody Simpson that my cousin kidded me he’d trap me in a world full of their clones. That was back in my high school days.


We LOVE to gossip. Most of the time it’s about latest celebrity relationships, who got pregnant, and all that in the college world. But our friends? Nah. We’re loyal enough haha! And we never over analyze what made this happen.


We talk about our crushes. I always gush about how much of a hottie my latest PBB bae, Richard Hwan, is. ❤ We have inside jokes about him (so dumb i wouldn’t wanna tell you) and whenever i miss any update on the show, she sends me. And she always gets excited whenever i at least THINK i saw him. The real thing could have come in Unleashed but well i missed it 😦


We talk about things men would usually roll their eyes on. Usually stuff like how to get this kind of wax, where do you usually shop for dresses, and of course the mean guys and how much we want to step on them. (See, another reason why i told you to be warned. There’s something about YOU)


The 7 Things That Girls Talk About When There Are No Boys Around (According To Real Women)


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