Parents Are People Too!: How To Forgive Them

Well, i guess you can say this is part 2 of the forgiveness series. Unlike my previous blog post, i didn’t warn you. Sometimes surprises show up in the least expected places haha! And it’s not only parents sometimes even our other older relatives do stuff we don’t like. 😦 Honestly i sometimes hate going over to my maternal grandma’s for she will constantly notice my every move then talk about my body and behavior. Ugh

But her mom was the manners police and, as i said, sometimes they don’t know how they offend you. I guess that’s another reason to understand her huh? For most people, it’s easier to forgive people who only did it once or twice. By the way, i should mention my internet went off while typing this post but i choose to forgive it. haha! And it’s my most loyal friend so. I’m a mostly forgiving person, but it makes me uncomfortable when the person does it most of the time that it’s already offensive and upsetting.


Choose to forgive. Is your relationship worth saving? Well, duh. Why wouldn’t  it be? She’s my grandmother/uncle/mother/father and family is family forever. I know it’s hard when you already feel like you’ve been trampled on a million times, that’s the natural wounded instinct. But the right thing is complete forgiveness. Just try, sis. Just try.


Become Mother Teresa. No, not literally. And not even completely in spirit. haha! It just means learn to look at each situation with mature insights, but don’t forget to let yourself feel too. Who knows? Something good may come out of it and you may see truths about you/the person that you never discovered before. For example, my great grand aunt  whom we see at least twice a year. The reason why she criticizes people is she’s insecure (just like me). And i feel the same way too about it so instead i’ll try to reach out to her sometime. But she’s positive too and can give me some ideas: ”I always knew i was beautiful from day 1.”


NO MATTER if you got an apology, go pretend to move on. People aren’t perfect and no matter how painful it is, it’s just because they love you and are concerned for you. The life that my relatives went through, having a divorcee dad/husband, probably causes them to be sterner so i won’t suffer the same thing and will have a happy life. And forever i will be grateful for that.


granny hands


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