Mr. Sun Please Shine Down On Me!: How To Inject Happiness

When you’re down in the dumps, like i have been because of school stress and just random crap, life hands you all you want on a silver platter. Recently mine consisted of cheap movie date with the BFF, board game party, and hanging out with Oliver after a long time again. (Well, at least they made me hope.) But when it’s hard, you can choose to fill the melancholy pit down there in your stomach. Stop watering the gloomy clouds and just smile!


Give more compliments. Next time you see the guards at school/work, aside from a little good morning, say something special. This afternoon was the happiest for i gave out Gospel cards to everyone which instantly boosted my spirit. πŸ˜€ Say please more often and smile more, especially at people like canteen maids and cashiers who need it more. Sit down and endeavour every bite your relatives cook (yay for steak!)


Do something adventurous. The universe is versatile and fun can be found almost anywhere! πŸ™‚ Try buying a candy bouquet or cooking up something/even making it with your friends would be better! ❀ Visit museums and study the art behind it and what the meaning is. (Thanks Vargas Museum for making me do this! We were supposed to for humanities.)


Pay attention. Stop for a little while and smell the flowers, as the wise saying says. Thank God for every little detail. πŸ™‚ Notice the pattern the rain makes on your roof and make a little song. haha! Read the label of your favorite foods and count calories.


							<i>From Our Readers: 5 Ways to Create Your Own Happiness</i>


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