Cradle Snatchers (NOT)!: Perks of Dating Someone Older

I have never had a real serious relationship, not one to last at least a month, so let’s say I never actually threw myself into the dating world. Well but college is ending so i guess it’s time for a little bit of experimentation. 😉 People say no boyfriends until 30, 25, but well a bit of experimentation doesn’t hurt right? Maybe my boyfriend isn’t even born yet. (Jokes. Well, half. hahha)

I’ve been debating with my head over this topic: Older or younger? But first let’s focus on what we’re going to talk about: the older. (Part 2 to follow pretty soon.) They have had many experiences in this world because they were thrown into it before we were born. They know how to choose a relationship with the right person due to their advanced knowledge and skills. And they do their homework and are responsible.

But for the women, it requires an ounce of contemplation. I have never found anyone who fulfilled these dreams yet so I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses someone about his age. But if i’m lucky, as always, and he chooses me, that would be as beautiful as a rainbow-colored highlight in my 2 AM colored hair. (Get it?)

In case you’re ready, here are some perks and advice.


Let’s first hear it from 3 sides: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Women like us have all the time and charisma to explore around our soul and find our hidden corners. 🙂 But men this age don’t and expect that we know better for, as studies have always said, they are smarter than us. Looks like simplicity will be the best way. Good luck to our partner though.


Negotiation. Older men know how to compromise and give way, if we only let them and give chances to their ideas. 🙂 I’ve always been leader in group projects but maybe i should just sip a coffee and chill this time. haha! If we combine each of our ideas, we’ll see how beautiful of a picture they make it. Men are smart and their brain is solid between their ears.


Adventure. Many older guys have had 2 kinds: life and literal travel. I can’t imagine if my boyfriend had kids though, how will i be able to mommy them? hahahaha jldfhsdfhfhf just thinking of it is kind of…But I’m younger and need more experience with looking around this big world that is so small for a tiny, helpless being. And i don’t think i’ll have anyone to experience peeing in the woods, skydiving, bungee jumping with unless he’s very different from the rest like i am. 😉 Always choose from the personality and take it off from there. My aunt Irene, who is as silly as me, was lucky to find my Uncle Vicente. Now both of them have a little boy who is even smarter than his parents ❤ Truly God and how life works out are amazing


See that guy doing the thumbs up? That’s her very silly husband. 🙂


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