Ugh I’m So Tired!: Ways To Stay Fresh Thus Sweat/Stress Less

It’s not always easy to stay fresh, especially when the weather is damn hot and because of our daily problems we sometimes (but for me, only once in a blue moon) sweat no matter how cold it is. Don’t be like me though, prone to panic attacks thus the whole world starts to disappear in front of me.

Of course we still need to stay strong and fresh too so here are some extra tips that will make you look (and feeel!) as if you breezed through the day. šŸ™‚


Oil blotting sheets. Our amazing body system knows when our skin feels dry thus gives it a few extra moisture. šŸ™‚ But of course, TOO MUCH IS NOT OKAY. This always is said when it comes to beauty articles and their products, doesn’t it? In my case, the daily powder I was taught to put on in school makes me feel hotter thus if i want to continue wearing it i need to have this emergency thing in my bag.


Feminine wash (only for women). Some days require more movement (in school, we have PE everyday although i only go there twice a week. But i did experience) especially if you’re in a school that teaches you to work fast. On the days where you’re dying to take a bath make sure you bring your special intimate care to avoid yeast infections and bacteria growing from too much intimate moisture.


Facial wash (this time obviously for both sexes). Nothing can make you feel fresh enough than this! If you don’t have time then just rinsing with water is enough, recommending you do it twice if you tend to sweat more like I do.


							<i>5 Ways You Can Stay Fresh All Day at School</i>


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