I Can’t Forgive Them!: How To Deal When Others Hurt You

Does anyone remember the story of Mary and Martha from the Bible? Here I go again with some religious history. Martha was more of the complainer while Mary was more of the thanker. So, take the incident Jesus visited, Martha got upset because Mary did not help her cooking for she was too busy listening to Jesus. This reminds me of my favorite cousin : he gets upset at the tiniest things and, trust me, acts worse than Martha by throwing huge tantrums. On occasion, I’ve been the victim of those tantrums where he bashes me and takes his dwelling anger out on me. (Dwelling because he’s been through so much in life.)

Of course, it hurts me. That’s how exactly Mary felt when she knew she was doing her best but then it just wasn’t enough. ”Sometimes, almost is never enough,” Ariana Grande quotes in one of her songs. Yeah, at least to some people. Boo.

But thank God, she chose to forgive. And so will I. And so can you. Here are some tips to help you repair your relationship just like super tape. hahahaha


”Sometimes people really do hurt our feelings.” That’s the quote my mom uttered to me one night when, my preteen mood swings were acting up and i remembered something unpleasant that same cousin did to me, and i started acting up. It left me speechless, the most i can say without lying. Well, no one is perfect. But sometimes they don’t mean it, like in the cousin’s case, because he’s been through so much, it just comes to him that he’s extra sensitive with everything. Martha as well, she had no intention of hurting her sister it’s just that her heart was so full of ungratefulness that she just (maybe?) couldn’t control.


Sometimes…good will come out of the situation. We don’t know for life is not as bad as you think but you can always hope. πŸ™‚ Because of him I’ve learned to watch my words and be more sensitive to others’ feelings. Thank you cuz for that and I love you. :***


Oftentimes we don’t look first that’s why we get hurt. This happens when you’re usually over sensitive, just like me. My father told me one time when i worried that my crush unliked my post and there was no reason, ”Hay naku, you’re like your Aunt Tsin worrying about everything.” But maybe very nice people are sensitive and it’s a good thing. πŸ™‚



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