Uterine Zombie Attacks With Hacks

Sometimes the zombies come in the most unexpected times. And by that I mean female ones that target your uterus. That means…well you guessed it: PERIODS! These little shizzes make our week (or a half) hell and we feel cranky, sad, and upset. Thank God this article will help you if you’re having yours right now. Mine just finished by the way and I’m happier than ever! 🙂

With these little simple ways, you’ll learn how to take charge of yourself physically and emotionally. Don’t forget to listen to the signals your body sends you at first, such as loneliness for no particular reason. If you feel that way (and more examples to follow!) go for a walk or talk with a friend. You alone deserve it.


Eat some dark choc. Chocolate is a salad after all. (Loljk. Wishful thinking.) It’s okay to eat some once in awhile, despite my joke, but make sure you choose the darker ones. Their ingredients are more natural and such.


Drink more water. Put as much H2o into your systems, no matter how much you drink. Don’t know if you should follow this but i chugged down two bottles of water this morning for the weather was unpredictable and i didn’t know how hot it can get. (If you have a weak stomach, don’t do it.) If possible, if you’re not someone who craves their daily sugar, steer clear from softdrinks and sugary pop.


Sleep more. Take your naps whenever you can. According to National Sleep Foundation, 30 percent of women lack sleep when the Midnight Zombies Start Attacking. So as i said…let it go, your work never bothered you anyway. (quoting Queen Elsa) Until you wake up and face reality again. Yiiikes.


water animated GIF


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