Pass This Class (On!): What To Know About Being A Proper Lady

How does Webster define classy? Go look it up in the dictionary (type: Webster’s Dictionary classy. I know I have the dumbest keywords but hello,). And time has changed ever since that now it is called stylish and sophisticated. Naturally women these days are like this because of the standards of men and media. Double M lol. Definitely not the standards of McDonald’s!

Just so you know, here are some tips for continuing the ride called life. Buckle up your seatbelt and start the engine.


It’s not something you ALWAYS need to do. Don’t push yourself and feel bad when you fail in doing something. Come on, it’s no big deal. 🙂 If you’re mad/feeling hyper resulting in meltdowns of either sort, let it go and free yourself. After all they are YOUR emotions and you deserve to free them. Although after watching Inside Out, i swore to chill my emotions and stop taking stuff too seriously although sometimes they want to sweat more. haha


Correct grammar does NOT do anything. What did you just say? Yep, I said what I said. No correct English will ever take you far if your personality is mean, hateful, or plain pessimistic. So I’m sorry to the ones whom i criticized before, the ones who weren’t asking for my opinion even, I should have looked at the nicer side. ❤


Living the lush life (yes, I can say my dream came true!) is NOT too. Lying in bed, binging on the joys of online (window) shopping, and looking at lovely guys? No matter how much of those stuff you get as i said above ^ you will get nowhere.


Things About Being Classy


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