Knock or Completely Locked: How To Crush and Not Be Obvious

”If I got locked away…tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?”

As I was writing this, the line from the new song featuring Adam Levine popped into my head. After all, the post/song share the same title. Haha! And it feels better when you have a major crush on someone: dreaming about him, imagining all sorts of scenarios with him. Whether it be you on his first date or you and him cuddling when it’s cold winter weather. ❤

But it’s tough for none of us are perfect. Most of the time we wonder if he will accept us for who we are, love us for who we are, and just make us feel like the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. And second thing is, I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet huhu. 😦 Mom didn’t approve as well with this guy I recently met at a school affair for she just saw something (I’m sorry to say–malicious) in him. (GC, if you’re reading this please keep quiet. And tell Issa and the rest too.) Five, if you hide them, then you won’t be taking risks that will scar you forever. Like the time I went to the Candy Fair and didn’t hug this really cute celebrity for my friends have all said he’s a snob. I can imagine what would happen if he did something to me–scars would last for a year (fine, maybe for only 1 1/2 days!) Don’t worry, I’m here to help you with some tips.


Don’t ask about him. If you fish for info from other people, they will only wonder then finally it’ll be more obvious. Unless the person is in a relationship, which in my case happens. SAFE and SOUND haha. When I was a kid i was the exact opposite that my friend Mishka asked me, ”Do you like Nick?” then when i said no he insisted, ”Obvious naman.”


”STOP STARING.” Dad, you’re right. That’s the line usually uttered to me when my father catches me staring at guys for more than a minute. Even my cousin Andre when i was gushing about the cuties in Cafe Via Mare in front of us (and it didn’t help they were British!) with his firm voice. ”Katja, stop it.” And when he says something with that tone, I know he’s as firm as ever. He can easily give you an hour long lecture just for a simple question but thank God he was in a better mood that evening. (except when i stepped on his toe and he gave me a ”lecture”: ”Aray! Kat, you’re so rowdy that’s why.”) I know it’s sometimes hard to resist–long story shortened–especially when he’s EXACTLY your type. My advice would be to focus your attention on something else and control when inspiration pops up online or something. You can even gush at his pics without friends knowing. (Yep, sorry, we have a stalker here.)


Don’t over react when he talks to you. That’s another example i learned from my cousin in the previous paragraph–someone just says something, and he turns it into something longer. So he just talked to you, for example. Simple. Try to act normal but unfortunately i get red faced easily so for me it’s beyond my control! But guys find it cute yay! 🙂 Just relax and be natural for the more you focus on hiding your feelings, the more they show. My tip would be to talk about something more serious like APEC (no Justin Trudeau talk ok?) or how college life is stressful.


							<i>5 Ways To Hide Your Feelings From Your Crush</i>


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