Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is (only for OA girls)

LOL at the title haha! This is one of the emotional problems young people know that even their own parents don’t even know. huhu. 😦 Like my mom doesn’t think that having no people your age on vacation is really a devil’s attack (I’m religious and volunteer in church) but she doesn’t seem to get the point I’m upset too. Damn. I guess Generation X is not used to what Generation Y is anymore. If I remember it when having a full blown meltdown, I can turn into something bitter (AKA Kathryn Bernardo from Crazy Beautiful You).

Most of the time, the disappointments happen at home where we are supposed to feel safe and comfortable. 😦 But seldomly though for me, thank God. The ones that last long are outside the house so sometimes I look at it from a different perspective talking about the house. Haha! Can you relate to any of these??

Cookie Canisters become Clothing Canisters. Originally, it’s supposed to contain luscious cookies not stupid things you use to sew your clothes and stuff. 😛 Blah. Worst part is, I can imagine how many days you will have to live if you actually eat those needles. Ouch!

Fish Ice Cream! (Ew. And before that, it’s not literal.) ”Ate Tata, is there dessert?” is my favorite line whenever I’m PMSing or tired at my grandma’s place. A little language lesson here: Ate is something we call our maids in our country. Try calling your maids that and see their reaction i dare you. Haha! Anyway, going back to the main, when she says no i insist with my mind and go look at the canisters..only to see something more different. Ugh is fish a good strategy for PMSing? But these days I’m eating apples for I’m on a diet.

Jack (or Jill if you’re a female), can i have some water?. It sucks after you finish using the bathroom and there is nothing to flush or wash with. When i fill it up, it ends up wetting my footwear and i come out with soaking feet that will cause slips and falls especially to my little cousins. 😦 Oh no, please don’t let me be the culprit.


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