Special Wash Time: Tips for a healthy hoohoo

Eat the right and nutritious foods. Yogurt is one of my favorite foods and i love its creamy taste. But did you know it also helps your hoohoo not get yeast infections by boosting cells to kill down there? For days where down there feels it’s not getting enough moisture you can try eating tofu or drinking soy milk for natural replacements of estrogen which boosts your hormones.

Wear cotton underpants (and tip that goes well with the bras!). This helps keep down there dry and not releasing TOO much moisture. Cotton underwear doesn’t absorb them much and makes them more absorbable, same with your boobs during period. Do you ever experience the feeling they get itchy before your period? I do and it sucks so bad huhu

Always keep as clean as you can. After pooping, it is helpful if you rinse your frontal area even with just natural water as to kill germs especially doing it in public bathrooms. Rush always hits me when I’m in school so yeaaah. Also don’t forget to change pads for avoiding awkward and embarrassing situations! One time in theater class i had to live with a stain on my white pants and it sucked 😦 Never will happen again.

^regarding here: Always be careful when in the shower. Warm water is enough but, unlike when you’re on the toilet, you need to cleanse the area as well. But make sure not to use just any soap–feminine or body wash is enough. Lazy chick here hasn’t bought for the month yeet. 😉


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