Loads and loads of brownie fudge ice cream pleeeeasseeee :) ways to feel better on your period

Periods, the stage wherein you need extra effort to think and REMEMBER to change pads. Also wearing 2 pairs of underwear is a helpful tip. Usually at the end you feel proud for your body just got rid of toxins and uterus is cleaned once again.

But it can also be the most stressful time of the month; the worst house guest ever that we only get to see once a month thankfully. 😀 haha! When i have mine, i tend to flare up easily and every tiny thing gets irritating for me. My case is different though for they removed my ovary when i was 12 and periods don’t come as quick and are irregular for me. It’s also hard when you want to take a nap at someone else’s place for their beds will get stained. Future boyfriend have some respect for me when i stain your couches and cushions. 😦

I’ve collected a little list to make you feel better and happier during this time. Read on:

Close your mouth when triggers hit. You don’t want to hurt someone just because of temporary discomfort. Well in any case permanent or temporary you shouldn’t take your feelings out on anyone. I’ve learned to cry it all out instead, either to myself or to my mom. I barely shout and scream. (Just forgive the talk yesterday when we were talking about my bank account.)

Do a few extra chores and keep everything clean. This works a lot for me because i am one of the most OC people that anyone ever will meet. lol. And since sleepy time visits more often then it feels easier to fall asleep in a more conditioned room with less mess meaning less EFFORTS. remember?

Make sure you get enough nutrition. Meaning NO junk foods, sweets, fried foods, etc. Instead try to eat more of salads and fruits. As promised for the doctor who told me to try some diet, i had an apple last night for dessert and i hopefully can make it my Sunday night tradition. How cool does this sound?


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