Dark, Dark Rainy Day At Starbucks: Insecurities and how to overcome them

According to everyone i ask (because really, this article is so me!) everyone feels insecure once in awhile. Of course everyone wants to belong with their peers to be considered ”normal” or if you’re different ”popular”. Sometimes you think of it so much that you feel like it’s eating you. Typing this last sentence, I felt like this is exactly the article i need to hear. Due to stress it’s made me respond under daily pressure better. Another reason to be thankful for stress haha!

Know who your friends are. If your friends are insecure it’s possible that you’ll start to feel that about yourself. As the saying says, ”Bad company corrupts good character” or ”Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. But if you have an unusually sweet heart you can help them overcome it as yourself too. 🙂 But i’ll tell you what: even the most popular girls have insecurities too. Now how does that make you feel? Okay go sigh in relief. But if you constantly feel bad because they are trying to elevate yourself that’s dangerous.

Take good care of you. Even though, responding to this article, your parents have taught you to be beautiful inside it is more important to be beautiful outside (but just because of pressure issues, otherwise ignore me. loljk) But focusing on inner beauty and be yourself because, no matter what, the inner sparkle will make you look more beautiful. ❤ Don’t forget to smile too!

Build healthy relationships with others (better if you start with family!). Your laptop and TV may be your best friend but don’t forget to go out and make friends. XD As i said about beauty, too much exposure to radiation is bad for your skin and will make you ugly. Surround yourself with good relationships to forget your problems. And a final message: all problems come to an end!

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