Things Never To Say To A Girl With Pimples. UGH!

The worst physical flaw that can happen is acne, goodbye confidence and pretty smile! Especially for me i’m quite sensitive about it and it makes me quite upset when my face starts erupting. Best part though: didn’t get it until my 20’s unlike other teens who had it during their awkward high school years. (Another reason to be thankful for my awkward stage. HAHA.)

Anyway, here’s a short list of things not to say for they add insult to injury and rub it in the face (no pun intended)

”You have something on your face.” Horrid moment when they actually realize the truth. XD Silent and awkward. To be honest, i have a terrible phobia of awkwardness. (Sorry, forgive my weirdness.)

”Go pop it”. No thanks, did you even pop yours when you had it? My dad, despite him knowing nothing about girly stuff, also gave me that advice and warned me with THAT VOICE, ”Don’t pop your pimples.” I had really tiny ones when starting puberty.

”Did you sleep early? You have to sleep earlier.” No. N-O. I don’t think that’s a natural cause for it. Besides, I do get enough sleep when I need to. Please quit bugging me. Thank you.

							<i>10 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl with Acne</i>


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