Only and Lonely: Everything any only child can relate to

People always tell me how lucky i am to be an only child, because there’s no one to share with and it’s so fun to be alone, having quiet time 24-7. XD That’s why i hate vacations lol jk. And being smothered. >.<

Aside from that, here are some other struggles i face. I’ll give you a list.

People think you’re spoiled. Even my parents think so on occasion ,when I don’t give in to their requests and act half-hearted and with no emotion about seeing this Vilma Santos movie and stuff. But thankfully, no one has given me that assumption, well not at least in a negative manner! 🙂 hahahah. I may not be spoiled with material possessions and have to work hard for them, but the most important thing is I’m spoiled with their unconditional love. ❤ xx

Extra clingy with friends. I treat my friends as my own sisters and brothers (but mostly sisters since I’m in an all girls school!). But during high school, in my extra curricular groups, it was mostly boys i hung out with and we’re still as close as ever. UGH Oliver, hope we can hang out. 😦 Finals are keeping him busy. It’s like a connection we never had, and a little sister being clingy with her big bro since Oliver is older. But just by 1 year ha. :)))

My imaginary friends creeped out other people. Friends came over for sleepovers and such in elementary school, thus made it fun to have many sisters in our house! But when i started my obsession with Dorothy Ann (Magic School Bus) it actually fascinated my friends who would play with her too. <: I guess I’m lucky to have such weirdos. hahahaha!

							<i>7 Struggles of Being an Only Child</i>


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