Things You Do At Work/University That Can Be Considered Health Hazards (watch out!)

Work sometimes tires you out, right? Meaning it’s not anything enjoyable (unless you love your profession or something) and something you look forward to as much as a party, but still it’s part of life. Just remember TOO MUCH of it can cause stress and therefore sickness. During my first few weeks of college, since i had to work harder than i was in high school, i fell sick and immediately hit the hay when i got home. 😦 Always happens every beginning. UGH STUPID BODY IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Believe it or not, ladies, there are more things that are harmful when it comes to it than just TOO MUCH, just like when you eat too much sweets it destroys your immune system as well as gives you cavities. I’m giving you a roundup of just a few.

Hellish commutes-Thankfully most of us live in fixed environments (especially students, wherein your permanent home is in your uni unless you’re irregular like my friend Audrey) but sometimes it’s not like that for everyone. Thankfully I’ve never had to experience this kind since my parents are very firm and don’t allow me to commute unless I’m with someone. For those who do, it sucks to wake up at 5 or sometimes earlier just to catch the bus, train, or anything! This can lead to serious problems like heart disease. And it destroys your MENTAL health as well for it makes you forgetful and easily cranky.

Sitting all day-It is bad for you, no matter how many hours you are up and about on your feet. In my perspective, it’s more on my feet since we usually head to the mall for a snack after school. Aside from obesity, it increases your risk of heart cancer and makes you overweight.

Long hours of work-This results in hypertension, making more mistakes, and getting into unhealthy habits.



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