Things To Stop Saying (or SHUT UP ABOUT) to people who are NBSB/NGSB

The single life isn’t such a big deal, isn’t it? In fact one perk I read about it is that you have more time for yourself and to fulfill your dreams. Recently one was for I got accepted into this famous radio station as junior jock. Hooray! ^_^ Life right now is better than expected, despite all the bumps and growing pains. (Even adults have ’em too.)

But we don’t need people to rub in the dark side of it! Here are some lines if you want to avoid annoying/causing too much stress for us.

”Guys are just intimidated by you because you’re so cool and perfect.” No good reason/excuse covers up for that. Besides, I myself know that. 😉

”Your parents don’t allow you to have one yet?” Yes. I love them so i will do everything not to make them mad! But it’s sometimes not easy anymore huhu 😦

”Good things come to those who wait.” I’m trying to, okay? One day I know I will be happier than you’ll ever imagine in my faraway kingdom, blah blah blah…

							<i>10 Lines Girls Who've Never Had a Boyfriend Are Tired of Hearing</i>


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