Chocolate Chip Lattes: Qualities of a Good Boyfriend

The kind of guy that respects you and treats you like a queen is equal to PERFECT BOYFRIEND, obviously not just in my perspective. And he knows your personal boundaries and respects it, showing you that he appreciates your respect as well. According to my grandmother, who is the manners police (her attitude is rubbing off on my parents as well!), one way is to be ladylike and toned down. Being ladylike includes having the proper mindset to find someone who is a true gentleman as well.

Let’s admit it, when we meet a new guy for the first time we’re a bit scared about what he’s going to think of us, and eventually when you get into a relationship, that he’s going to leave you for he doesn’t accept you for who you are. A guy who is able to ease that paranoia is worth having for your most comfortable feelings will come when he’s with you. And you’ll always have someone to trust your secrets with.

Last but not the least, a good boyfriend knows how to make you feel special. And here comes the big word that comes with it: ROMANTIC. ❤ It doesn’t have to be like the movies where we kiss under the stars (although that can be an option!) or go on a wild adventure (then again, anything can happen!) Littlest things like our favorite ice cream or favorite movie make our day. But please, can i have a romantic candle light dinner by the sea side with dolphins and sweet music? ❤ #sorrytooclingy\

							<i>7 Qualities of a Really Good Boyfriend You Should Look For</i>


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