When Things Go Bad: Keep Your Cool when people say: ”You look fatter now.”

You guys know how annoying this phrase is right, no matter if it’s said out of love or what? No matter if it’s from a caring friend or just a negative relative (rhyme! Word) that phrase is hard to avoid. Whenever someone says that a little piece of me dies inside and i feel bad for like 5 seconds max. But well, as I always say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. XD Try to show them you’re better the next time with these responses.

”Well, it makes me harder to kidnap. At least I’m safe.” YESSSS! There’s always a bright side 🙂

”I’m just big-boned.” That’s a natural expression for me for I am. According to my dad that is. Haha!

”It’s just baby fat.” I’m warning you though, only for those in college/high school. Once you turn 22 baby fat stops becoming an excuse. LOL XD

”I’m still pretty right?” The lucky team. :-j HIGH FIVE ALL THE PRETTY PIGGIES. lol jk ahahahahha. pretty plus size princesses

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