Perfect Frappucinos/Coffee: Struggles Girls Beauty Obsessed Can relate to

Do you remember when we were little how we used to dream of being princesses? Yes, i was one little girl who dreamt of it 🙂 Always watched Disney Princess Sing A Long (sorry i’m more into music) and waited for the day my parents would buy me my own jewelry which was when i turned 7. XD Always made bead bracelets/rings for my free time.

Then when i turned grade 7, or in numbers 13, I joined my acting class where there were lots and lots of cute boys. To impress them i wore the latest fashions and stuff. Looking at teenagers now maybe i was advanced as i always was. HAHA  I would like to think I’ve come a long way from that, but I still look at the world of beauty the same way: a mix of one-part wonder, one-part curiosity and ten parts what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-this-now.

Here are some more struggles (sad part!) that we can relate to:

You waste makeup pretty often, even if you’re not going anywhere. This is a rare occurrence for me but believe it or not one night i wore it when going to sleep! I believed that when i woke up i would look different and was excited to see my #FaceGoal HAHAHA

It sucks smudging your nail polish anywhere! But I’ve gotten used to it since it always happens. Whenever things go wrong I’m always like ”Breathe. Go with the flow” Thank God for this mantra or else…

Devil eyes. UGH I applied my eyeshadow and now i look like a monster! Ugh idk what to do now. Well i guess i have to live with it 😦 but as the day passes i become more and more beautiful


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