Fathers Day Special: Qualities of A Hands On Father

Happy happy fathers day coffee lovers! ❀ Usually my posts are about social media, guys, pop culture, etc. But today I’m reserving this special post just for my dad, who is perfect for this title.

Dad has been here for me ever since i was born, sharing my hopes and dreams. πŸ™‚ I heard somewhere that when a girl is born she shares a special bond with her father, which is really true. Most of the time because Mom is really busy in the office Dad and i are together: tagging along to his job site, eating, passing time at the mall.

Are your dads like mine? Here are some more qualities of him.

He is full of love. He accepts his children and affirms them. Honestly he’s a quiet man and never speaks much so when he compliments me it’s like a celebration. HAHA. But i know that he loves me for who i am.

Cares for his kids. When there’s no embrace the kids may feel sad and unwanted. Thank God every night he embraces me and tells me he’s proud of me. πŸ™‚ Even when i get the TV. hahahahha. No matter what you’re doing when he spends time with you is very amazing.

He forgives. He doesn’t withdraw when his children disobey him/have failures. When he communicates with you your feelings get sorted out and you know he still loves you. And bonus is, children will listen and learn. Remember the song by Barbra Streisand? ❀ We sang that as a kid in our play.


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