Spilled White Chocolate Frap: Feelings Dad Goes Through When You Start Dating

When i was a kid and would start crushing on someone, my mom would always kid me that my dad was jealous and he would cry. HAHA. She would even playfully threaten to tell me on Daddy, ”Daddy o!” Even when i was grade 6 and changed my Friendster (remember?) profile to Men, Dating she panicked and wondered what Dad would say about all of this.

Just as i write this article, i realize it’s a normal thing. And in a nutshell: he loses his cool. Wanna know why?

When you tell him you’re going out with a guy his face changes from relaxation to disbelief. Wondering ”Is this my little baby who was once very little and only interested in Ken before?” HAHA but i never liked Ken at all, maybe Barbie. #pickylittlegirl

When you’re about to introduce your crush-No matter how in love you are, he’ll try to hold back your emotions. Aww come on dad! 😦 Feelings are something we can control, emotions are not.

When he invites me to the movies-NO! You don’t even know him. What if he does something? They’re more scared if he’s a dude in his 20’s but if he’s like in his teens not really. 🙂 Just make sure ur not cradle snatching. LOL at this family joke

But let’s remember this: Dad wants you to be happy that’s why he’s doing this 🙂 sometimes he won’t take it seriously even though deep inside he is XD finish school first to prove you can do it


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