Honeycomb Organic Ice Cream: How To Stay Yourself (and Sober!) in a relationship

I hate to admit it, but you stop becoming yourself when you fall for a guy. Do you ladies agree? You can’t sleep, eat, study (uh-oh!) or talk to people like you used to before. For me, just when i saw the guy the previous day i have a hard time with everything. What more if he’s your boyfriend? 😦

Here are some ways to stay cool in a relationship.

Spend time alone. I usually go out by myself/with my family so this is not an unusual happening for me. In my perspective, it means spending time alone and skipping monthly gimmicks with friends. 🙂 Go swimming or enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink by yourself.

Don’t give up on your hobbies. You don’t need to give up what you used to like doing before just because of a relationship. As this article is all about, hobbies are what make you and you can’t stop them.

Don’t overthink lots of stuff. Him not replying/the little petty mistakes he makes don’t determine what happens in a relationship. It drives you crazy and is a total waste of time. Sometimes i myself cant sleep when i think of them too much :((


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