How To Look Like Nothing Happened: Crybaby Struggles

I’m the biggest crybaby despite what you may see! Even if my blog posts are full of life I’m a really emotional person and can cry at the most awkward times, like an emotional talk with your mom/seeing something touching online. And I’m usually on the way somewhere so of course I worry: what if people know I cried and ask me what’s wrong? Thank God I’m usually makeup less so there’s no double worry.

Here’s a simple but effective guide that may work for you when you feel like the waterworks just won’t stop. (And your office may become Noah’s Ark. HAHA)

Keep down the swelling around your eyes-If available, get something cold such as an icy cold bottle of water and dab it around the corners and red patches on your eyes. But first concentrate on the areas in between your cheeks for that’s where usually the emotion shows. E.g. adorabubbles when seeing a cute boy ❤

But let your Rudolph nose shine! As silly as it sounds, just leave it naturally because no one notices it anyway. Putting more can cause you to sneeze, thus become more teary. HAHA

Conceal. If you need to conceal the areas around your nose and lips, make sure to use a concealer with a yellow undertone to cancel out any redness naturally. Blend well! Lipstick is a naturally good one so grab ur tube and just start spreading. XD

							<i>7 Steps to Looking Fresh After Crying</i>

This is me in my everyday life. (Half-joke, half-not.)


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