Struggles of Having a Popular Boyfriend

When you have a boyfriend, you think it’s all fun and games–even if he’s popular. But unfortunately that’s not the case. Case is that if he’s the popular guy you have to get ready to give up an afternoon/evening with him if he’s immediately called to a club meeting (as President) or an immediate school event comes up. Boo. I’m not giving up but because of him we barely get to see each other anymore. 😦

What other things do you need to deal with? Here are a few.

Millions of girls who like him. CAN I PLEASE DIE NOW? I myself growing up as the baby am not at all used to sharing attention but let’s hope the same won’t go for my relationships too.

When you get engaged, you can’t set a specific date. His wedding can’t be on the same day as a business (now in the real world!) meeting or what, especially if his boss believes so much in him. XD WHEN OH WHEN? Please don’t let your fam and friends down.

Relationship can become ”LDR”-He’s always at work and never gets to see you much. 😥 And when he can you don’t get to catch up rather he catches up on his other ”girlfriend”


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