Heartbreak Drink: Post-1D life straight from Perrie Edwards

Since 1D has already officially removed Zayn Malik’s name from all their pages (Wikipedia, etc.) he gets to finally live his life as a normal 22 year old. And living a normal life means spending time with your SO–catching up on the moments you miss and just showing her how much you cared. :”)

Guess what, girls? Another reason to stop hating him and start loving him: cooking dreams. He’s her personal chef and cooks her lots of delicious foods. XD Oh Zayn you totally understand everything: ups and downs. ❤ Crying in the kitchen is normal for you i bet?

Chatting to UK’s The Sun, Perrie talked life after One Direction for her and Zayn, and spilled: “It’s nice to see more of him now. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen — he’s a great chef.” So sweet! Jealous single here but in my perfect time I’ll have my own personal chef.

Even the Little Mix girls seem to appreciate his cooking! 🙂 “They never stop cooking, that’s all I ever hear,” Jesy said. “Every time she comes in she’s like, ‘Zayn made me this’ and ‘Zayn made me that’. I’m like, ‘Can he cook me a meal?'” I got the same quessie as all of them ❤

Wonder if he’ll be catering his own wedding.



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