Low Fat Chocolate Cake: Why Working out with Your Significant Other is Better

Working out. These days, it’s nothing for me. (Sigh.) Being with someone such as my grandma, my cousin, or my parents motivates me though. 😀 One time i even worked out with my bestie and i felt stronger than i ever was.

Since I’m already slowly putting myself out in the dating world (woohoo, another huge step!) I have to look fit and work e3ven harder so my SO will continue to love me and inspire me. But girls, remember: True love is not about your shape or size, it’s about everything inside of you. As the cleaner version of All About The Bass says, ”Boys love a girl for the beauty she holds inside.” And i’m sure all of you are hot and sexy in your own way.

Anyway, what are reasons to work out with your SO? I’ll give you some.

Healthy competition-Seeing your partner succeed super hard will inspire you over something. If you’re smart you may kick his butt when it comes to crunches and sit ups. I’m still praying that I’ll have the strength to do some. 😦

Feeling of accomplishment-Sure it may be tempting to sit down on the recliner and watch movies you’ve already seen for the -nth time but when you go out is even more educational. XD You’ll be able to watch jealous couples by the street and count how many sad stray cats look at you. Maybe even make stories about them (kitty being the 3rd wheel, etc)

Physically healthier-When you’re physically healthy you’re likely to be emotionally healthy. And when you are, it equals more hugs, more laughs, and more nice things to say on each other. 🙂


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