Things About Dating A 20-something: DATE ME (lol jk)

Just last January, i turned 20. And that meant something else: no more having to depend on parents for problems, you start making money on your own, OJT, and so on and so forth. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. ❤

And it means I’m nearing college grad, and after college i promised myself I’d find the perfect man. The man who loves me and cares for me despite everything. The man who will put up with me even when i blab and blab during the wee hours of the morning. (Sorry, honey, I’ll try not to.) The man who will never ever look at other girls but me.

For some reason, this is a girlfriend checklist. Here are things you (and I!) should know before the real deal:

1. We don’t party anymore like high schoolers. That is, if the guy is still in his ” high school phase” meaning hasn’t matured fully in mind yet. Our parties are more of dancing and drinking, and sometimes no more kiddie versions of truth or dare. ❤ Rather the naughty and daring kind of one 😉 And we want to relax and be sober no matter what.

2. We don’t eat only salads on a date. Of course we’re nervous because you’re there and we want to do our best to impress you. Unfortunately our mind goes down and sometimes leads us to snacks. For me, i can eat one whole pack of fries, 2 piece chicken, and a huge ice cream sundae to wash it all down.

3. We’re done experimenting. Most of us know our limits and won’t go to a concert then try drugs after. Although sometimes we still do like trying different stuff on occasion we’ll be sober and play safe. To be honest, i’m starting to think this is a weird article since hello we’re 20 not little kids who depend on their parents 24-7. HAHAHA

4. We don’t depend on anyone for money or social life. Trusting that the money that we work for is enough to fill our needs and the little things we want to use to build our ”empire” until we become successful and build a real one. ❤ And in my case, i have very few close friends so 1-2 chilling over a movie is great.

5. We expect you to grow up. Be a woman/man, not a crybaby. You can’t just cry over every little thing that happens because in real life, will you?? Bad things happen and you got to learn how to deal with them. Okay? :”)

6. But at the end of the day, our family is still the most important. ❤ We want you to love them and even though it’s not always pleasant, need to spend a little time with them. At least during our beach vacations there’s Wi-Fi and we can still keep in touch. Hello from Cebu/Subic/Batangas/Vigan/out of the country honey!


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