I Don’t Care; I Love It! : Things Guys Don’t Give a Damn About

Us girls are the most conscious humans alive: we overthink and care more about what we should be. The thing we usually think of is our body: how it works, why it does what it does, and etc. SAY HELLO TO SUMMER IF YOU’RE AGREEING WITH ME. ❤

Don’t let it ruin your summer by nitpicking on every little tiny thing you can find. You’re not your mom or your grandma after all. LOL

Here are some things dudes don’t care about (and maybe you shouldn’t too!):

Breast Size-Breasts are breasts. They give you character and every breast–just like every part of your body–is special in their own way. 🙂

Sweat-Summer expectantly brings sweat, especially if you jog/are out in the gym not considering the hot, hot sun. That’s a normal thing: Sweat=Summer Heat. Not like you can control it or so.

Weird Bodily Noises-Sometimes you can’t control your farts, but who cares? It’s a natural occurence and even guys do it more than you! One tiny fact though: women farts are smellier than guy farts. LOL

Freckles and other weird marks-Except for the rare albino ones, almost 90% of humans have them on their body.

Any fat rolls-We can’t always exercise especially if our schedule is busy. In my case the summer heat is really making me lazy. 😦 And sometimes fat is something you can’t control. Possible reasons: age, natural body type.


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