My Favorite Kinds of Ice Cream: BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT!

Unfortunately, ice cream every day to beat off the heat is not good for I’m on a diet. :)) But yes it can be really tempting in the hottest of the hots. HAHA.

But it doesn’t mean you should avoid it, like later we may either have the new McDonald’s Mayweather ice cream or Starbucks. Boy, i just need to cool off this summer. With my cold best friend (and the nicer version of cold!) there is no way I cannot get through this summer. (Heat, please leave though. HUHU)

Twin Popsies-Personal favorite since 2000 i think? With it’s cool icy layer and fruity flavor underneath what is not to love? ❤ get healthy in a bad way. HAHA

Pinipig Ice Cream-Pinipig is one of the most popular ingredients, as it is the kind of dessert rice Filipinos look forward to putting on their halo-halo (Fil. ice cream). Just glad that the producers of Selecta came up with this product.

Drumstick-The rich sweetness and chocolate layer is something you can fall in love with. 🙂 Eat it slowly to the core–the sight of pleasure. 😉


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