Newest Coffee Shop Addition: FitBurger BURGERS!

Fitburger just opened in Eastwood last April 11. Their burgers are even better than the rest of the fast food chains (sorry, McDonalds and Burger King!) for they are light, healthy, and have better burger fats than the rest. 😀 This resto is somewhat like the project i did for business english class. And it’s owned by a friend, so maybe i should get some of his ideas.

They even have a measurer, in where they measure the calories of your ingredients. If you’re really committed to your diet then just the right amount of macronutrients, carbs, and starches are in your bread/meat.

There’s The Fit Burger (P190) their original burger, The Sprinter (P140 – Hamburger), The Runner (P160 – Cheeseburger), The Cross-Fitter (P185 – Low Carb/Gluten Free, option of Chicken Patty), The Fitness Model (P185 – Chicken Burger), and The Swimmer (P200 – Tuna Melt). There are extra hefty burgers for the ones that need more powerful assistance, such as The Fighter (P220 – Bacon Cheeseburger), The Bodybuilder (P250 – Double Cheeseburger), The Power Lifter (P250 – BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger), and The Sumo (P320 – Large Double Cheeseburger). And i think the Sumo is named after 2 things: Anthony’s Chow Chow and our other friend at church. 🙂

And the sexiest thing is, replacing your usual flour buns are pita buns. XD Can’t wait to try this new addition. Once again, congratulations and happy engagement Anthony. ❤ ❤

Hi~:) look tony, you're on my blog!
Hi~:) look tony, you’re on my blog!

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