Newest Product: PMS Ice Cream Flavors

Periods are not sunshine and rainbows. NOT AT ALL. It has no upsides and plenty downsides: not being able to swim during summer, tummy pain, and constantly feeling you need to piss. The third one is extra for me because i drink lots and lots of water. 🙂 HAHA. Going through PMS puts you in lots and lots of emotions which are sometimes only cured by my favorite food: ice cream!

The 3 new flavors, designed by Parker Jones, are named after the three emotions that we feel: I Think I’m Dying (strawberry swirl), Don’t Come Near me (chocolate), and the last I Need Some More (mint chocolate chip). With something like this, you have no prob just run and get the latest ice cream! Check them out more here:

I love you already! <3
I love you already! ❤

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