Demi Lovato Sings Sheeran’s Give Me Love

Demi Lovato just can’t hide how she feels about a possible collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Oh Demi, I’m as excited as you darling. ❤

In this cover, her feelings transform from love, hate, and whatsoever. I don’t find it surprising because throughout the years Demi has been through lots of trials making her songs emotional. During my awkward stage, which felt kind of lonely and scary, listening to her songs pulled me through and i thought, ”If Demi can do it why can’t I?” No one cannot do something less/more than someone. 🙂 Remember that. BTW if you want more, try to listen to the songs she sang on iHeart radio: Neon Lights, Give Your Heart a Break.

Ed Sheeran loves it as much as we do! In an interview, he stated, ‘“She’s one of the few that can actually bring it live. Like, she’s got vocals,” he said. “I see her in two weeks, we’re doing the same show together, so we’ll discuss then. We may even do it that night, you never know!”’ YAY everything is awesome at night. ❤

Watch the video here:


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