Native Coffee With a Pinch of Sugar: Holy Week Rituals Around The World

It’s the Holy Week, and once again time for fun in the sun/Easter Egg Hunting. 🙂 Just 2 more days before we leave for our lovely beach house/Sofitel. ❤

That’s how the modern Manilenas celebrate Holy Week. But in other countries we either have tribal celebrations, fast from something, or spend the whole day praying. Good news though for my fellow Filipinos: bathing is allowed during Holy Week. I don’t even know why it was banned–maybe because getting too cold wasn’t allowed? Anyway..if you’re wondering what I’m talking about here’s what the others around the world do.

Eid-Ul-Fitr in the Muslim countries. It honors Ramadan–which is the Holy fasting month and prayer day. 🙂 And fasting is forbidden. Can you imagine a food-filled celebration for all the Muslims!

Hajj. It is an Islam duty at least once in their lives that the people should accomplish. Named after one of the 5 pillars of Islam. (If you’re interested go and google)

Easter. It is celebrated three days after Christ’s death, Black Friday. And for me and my family at least, the last day of staying at the beach house. XD Easter Egg Hunts also have meaning in this because they celebrate Christ’s Resurrection (surprise, kids!). The egg symbolizes salvation while us finding it symbolizes normal lost people. 

See you later, i guess! 🙂


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