One Direction LIVE in Manila

”You’re beautiful, Manila! I love you.”

Aww, we love you too Liam. And not just you, rather Harry/Louis/Niall/Zayn (sadly he is no longer in the band). That’s what kept popping up in my head 2 weeknights ago when my heart was bursting with 1D HEARTS. HAHAHA. ❤ Anyway, i was thankful that i got to participate here, much more join their fangroups and whatevers. Based on seeing This Is Us, I predicted that the concert here would be as magical and beautiful as the one on tube with tons of special effects and lights. xD I would also like to acknowledge Malaysian DJ KC who pumped up the crowd before the show.

The safety reminder video beforehand was narrated by–guess who!–none other than the boys themselves! 😀 Can you be the ones to narrate the cinema reminders too, 1D? LOL JK ahahahha. First 5 songs were as follows: Clouds, Steal My Girl, Little Black Dress, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, and Midnight Memories. Plus is Kiss You, ❤

They are also quite funny! I laughed with kilig and vibrance when my friend asked me, ”Did you see what Niall did?” Not paying that much attention (we were in standing row and i was tired), i was like ”What did he do?” He did the shimmy apparently while singing Story of My Life. HAHA! Writing this even i am blushing like crazy. UGH. :””>>>>

”We love you, and we love you again,” were the words of my favorite band member Harry. ❤ I love you too Harry and thanks for sticking to our side 24/7. Can’t imagine the devastation if YOU were the one that left, at least in a Harry Girl’s perspective.

The banners were beautiful, where one even said ”IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”. They should have sang Happy Birthday for her instead of for Sally (day 2 it was Toby). I can’t imagine how on earth she felt. But well that spared her embarrassment, just like on my birthday 1D would not dare greet me that way. (Ssssh! I don’t even tell people it is mine.)

WE HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER. ❤ and Liam is still at home with me lol


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