One Direction LIVE in Manila

”You’re beautiful, Manila! I love you.”

Aww, we love you too Liam. And not just you, rather Harry/Louis/Niall/Zayn (sadly he is no longer in the band). That’s what kept popping up in my head 2 weeknights ago when my heart was bursting with 1D HEARTS. HAHAHA. ā¤ Anyway, i was thankful that i got to participate here, much more join their fangroups and whatevers. Based on seeing This Is Us, I predicted that the concert here would be as magical and beautiful as the one on tube with tons of special effects and lights. xD I would also like to acknowledge Malaysian DJ KC who pumped up the crowd before the show.

The safety reminder video beforehand was narrated by–guess who!–none other than the boys themselves! šŸ˜€ Can you be the ones to narrate the cinema reminders too, 1D? LOL JK ahahahha. First 5 songs were as follows: Clouds, Steal My Girl, Little Black Dress, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, and Midnight Memories. Plus is Kiss You, ā¤

They are also quite funny! I laughed with kilig and vibrance when my friend asked me, ”Did you see what Niall did?” Not paying that much attention (we were in standing row and i was tired), i was like ”What did he do?” He did the shimmy apparently while singing Story of My Life. HAHA! Writing this even i am blushing like crazy. UGH. :””>>>>

”We love you, and we love you again,” were the words of my favorite band member Harry. ā¤ I love you too Harry and thanks for sticking to our side 24/7. Can’t imagine the devastation if YOU were the one that left, at least in a Harry Girl’s perspective.

The banners were beautiful, where one even said ”IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”. They should have sang Happy Birthday for her instead of for Sally (day 2 it was Toby). I can’t imagine how on earth she felt. But well that spared her embarrassment, just like on my birthday 1D would not dare greet me that way. (Ssssh! I don’t even tell people it is mine.)

WE HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER. ā¤ and Liam is still at home with me lol


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