Wrap It Up!: WRAP BATTLE interview

Good morning! 🙂 The resto, or rather food branch, I’m about to talk about was thought up during the owner’s coffee break. (You’ll see more in the interview!) Proof that ideas come in the most unexpected circumstances.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for WRAP BATTLE and the owner, Mr. Paul Wenceslao.

What inspired you to put up this?

WB: My inspiration, truth be told, is more of a random idea that came while eating at Midnight Mercato. I am a freelance writer and during one of the lean stretches (when it comes to the appearance of projects), I went to Mercato to eat out my frustrations, then, while eating, I thought that maybe I can sell food in spite of now knowing how to cook (at that time). I thought of serving pita wraps, so I could present an alternative meal to Filipinos, given their tendency to only eat rice meals, as well as the fact that not a lot of establishments serve wraps.

How did you think of the flavors?

WB: I thought of the flavors while having coffee. Since I was a big eater back then, I imagined how an assemblage of tastes would turn out when combined. Now knowing how to cook, I burned countless ingredients (lol), until I finally got the wrap flavors that I imagined, with some help from a friend and the kasambahay.

Amazing and thank you so much, Mr. Paul! 🙂 You’re just as random as me, burning ingredients. 😉 Someday we should cook together.



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