Take Me HOME: Why Everyone Should See This Movie

In this film, aliens have taken over the earth and made themselves feel at home. The main character though, which is a Boov named Oh, is the cutest little creature you’ll ever see! Disney values, such as family and love for others, are showcased here. That’s the thing i appreciate about cartoon movies these days: they’re not like the old ones without any lesson. The market caters to kids just the way they should. πŸ˜‰ The 2 leading ladies, Rihanna and J.Lo, have 2 new songs from the soundtrack. I don’t think you’ll be seeing them the same way after this movie, as they play mom and daughter.

Jim Parsons and Rihanna do such a great job voicing the 2 animated characters. The humor of Oh distracts Tip (voiced by Riri) from her real life and helps her find adventure along the way, alongside a cute cat named Pig. Pig kind of resembles my own, except he’s fatter and probably less bitchy. πŸ˜‰ Casey can be pretty bitchy at times. Steve Martin also does a good job with the voice as the leaders of the Boovs. LOL

Visuals are amazing and add color to the story. Better in 3D. (We’ll see if it’s available here in the Philippines.)



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