Lemon Ice Tea: Vitamin D Alert!

Summer is coming! Hooray for that ❤ And because of the rays and junk food we’ll be pigging out on, we need to make sure we have enough nutrients for us to stay strong in the midst of temptation. HAHA! Vitamin D is one essential that keeps our skin, hair, and overall healthy.

What are the following sources for vitamin D? Let’s take a look.

Sunlight-Normally experts don’t recommend this as it can cause all kinds of cancer, as stated above. But 10-15 minutes works. Thank God for the vitamin D boost i got yesterday which relieved my bad day. 🙂

Fatty fish-Examples are salmon, mackerel, and eel. YUM for the third one. Can imagine having a smoked eel sandwich by the beach courtesy of Aunt Ginggay. (Tita, will you let me?)

Canned tuna fish-Another great vitamin booster! ❤

I won't last a day without you.
I won’t last a day without you.

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